I am thirty three years old and I have a Master in Videogame Creation - Specialising in Game Design, by Pompeu Fabra University in 2008.

I have been working as a Game designer and Lead game designer for the last 2 years in Virtual Toys S.L.

Futhermore, I worked as a QA Game Tester for mobile games in Digital Legends Entertaiment S.L. from August 2013 to December 2013, and as Level Designer in Pyro Studios, from November 2008 to July 2009. In my own experience, I opened my own Independent Videogame Studio, Nurendsoft (2010 – 2012) working on full positions. Before that, I have been an Independent Game Developer for PC.

As far as my personality concern, I consider myself as industrious and motivated. I am sociable person and I enjoy working with others as part of a team. I also believe that I am capable of working alone and able to use my own initiative.

Design and develop videogames is my passion and my profession.

From 1998 to present day, I've worked on 67 videogame projects:

 · Console games: 4
 · Mobile games: 2
 · PC games: 20
 · Web games: 5
 · Playable demos: 10
 · Game tools & editors: 3
 · Other projects: 23

Professional skills

Videogame skills

· Game and Level Design
· Game Development and Programming
· Windows development (XP,7 and Windows 8)
· Android development
· 2D graphic design
· 3D modeling, texturing, rigging and animation
· Music, sound and video editing

Videogame languages

· Unreal Engine 4 with Blueprints
· Unity 3D with C#
· HTML5 + CSS3 and Javascript
· LUA scripting and MaxScript
· Direct X 9.0c with Dark Basic Professional

Web languages

HTML, HTML5, CSS , CSS3 and Javascript ·

Social APIs

Google Play Game Service (Unity 3D/Android) ·
Facebook PHP api ·
Twitter PHP api ·

Merits and awards


2014 - I've published my 1st app on Google Play developed with Unity 3D+C#
2013 - I've published my 1st game 100% developed with HTML5+Javascript
2012 - I've published my 1st game for new Windows 8.
2012 - I've joined to MODDB community and I've published 3 games on DESURA.
2011 - Intel® Software Premier Elite Partner.


2010 - Winner of the First Independent Games Festival organized by the DOID in 2010 with the game MAGICAL GLOVES.
2008 - Award for the best design in the contest LABoral ARTFUTURA 08 with the game MAGICAL GLOVES.
2008 - Award for the best graphics in the contest LABoral ARTFUTURA 08 with the game NUMBER 6 (final draft of the master in game creation of the UPF university).
2005 - Finalist in the contest PLAYSTATION ARTFUTURA 05 with the game ANNUNAKI.
2004 - Finalist in the contest PLAYSTATION ARTFUTURA 04 with the game SHADOWS HUNTER.
2003 - Mention to the best ambientation for the game Bastardos!! Remix in the competition PLAYSTATION ARTFUTURA 03.

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